Prelude to Tomorrow's Big-Ass iPhone Apple Event

As a follow-up to the previous piece on screen sizes, here's Gruber with his predictions for today. On the potential iWatch:

And whatever it is, I think it will be controversial. Perhaps it will be expensive. Perhaps it will have far, far fewer features than do Android Wear devices. Perhaps it will appear under-powered at first.
But there will be something, or several somethings, that will cause it to be misunderstood by those who are only able to frame new creations in the context of what came before them. Apple’s watch won’t fit in an existing mold. It won’t be a phone on your wrist. It won’t be a watch as we know it. We already have excellent phones. We already have excellent watches. For the Apple watch to be worth creating, it must be excellent at something else.

He also links to Max Child's idea for a wrist iPod for runners. I'm a runner (I'm not sure that's a totally fair use of the word runner), and it sounds pretty cool to me.

We only have to wait a few more hours now, to find out the truth. The event will be live streamed here.