Great podcast

Accidental Tech Podcast has quickly become one of my favourite podcasts. I'm pretty new to the whole concept of podcasts, but this is a good one.

First, maybe a couple of comments on podcasts, and why they're great. Terrestrial radio is good, and that's pretty much what I've listened to for my whole life (I've never been much for CD's or MP3's in the car, even though I love music), but it's full of commercial breaks and it can be pretty hit or miss if they're going to talk about something you care about. This is where podcasts shine: focusing on topics you care about. Most podcasts aren't daily shows trying to fill 3-4 hours of airtime 5 days per week. Most of the ones I listen to are published about once per week and last 30-90 minutes. They usually have a rather specific theme and stick to it. So, find a podcast you like on iTunes or the web, download it to your smartphone or iPod, and listen. They're great for people with long commutes. Sometimes I even wish my drive to work was longer (kinda), just so I could get in more podcast listening. Seriously.

Anyway, back to ATP. What's it about? As the name states, it's a tech podcast. It's fairly Apple-focused. There is a fair amount of talk about Macs and iOS devices and all the things that go along with that. The 3 guys doing all the talking are 3 very different characters, which makes the interaction great and provides varying viewpoints. It's probably a little too technical for a lot of people, but it's fun, and you'll learn some things. I have.