Unblock-US is a great service that could help you take the first step toward cutting the cord with the cable company. It's basically a service that let's you spoof your computer's location, in order to be able to watch the full Netflix library of content from any country. And it's only $5 per month. If you live in Canada, the library is pretty limited. But, many other countries (U.S., U.K., Brazil, Mexico, etc.) have content that isn't available in Canada. A good example, is brand new Breaking Bad episodes in season 5 were available for streaming on Netflix in the U.K. immediately after airing on AMC in North America. So, for $5 per month (plus $8 for Netflix) you can have access to every bit of Netflix content in the world. The site has very easy instructions for how to set it up and you can switch countries in a few seconds with a drop-down menu on their site.

Moreflicks is a nice companion service to go with Unblock-Us and Netflix. It will let you search for content and tell you which services have it available (Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, etc.), and will even tell you which country you need to be in to stream it on Netflix. It's a free site.

The extra $5 per month to multiply your Netflix library is worth it, in my opinion. And it just might get you one step closer to cancelling a cable bill that could be costing you $100 per month or more.