Tesla Just Announced a Supercar


The Verge:

The top speed of the P85D is undoubtedly limited to something that won't send you violently hurtling into another dimension, but let me say it on no uncertain terms: its quoted 0-60mph time of 3.2 seconds is solidly in supercar territory.

Also, below is the video of Musk unveiling the new Model S P85D. Musk is impressive, in a very casual way, in his presentation style. I don't follow the auto industry very closely, other than recently with Tesla, but I don't think this is how most car companies unveil their new models. Tesla appears to be following the Apple model of announcements. Apple used to announce things at industry events, but has taken all its events private over the past several years. Tesla is not a car company. It's a technology company that happens to make cars.