The iPad Air 2 (And a Few Cursory Words Regarding the iPad Mini 3)

John Gruber's review of the new iPads is the most thorough and thoughtful review I've read so far. I also like the title of his review, as a reference to how little stage time the iPad mini 3 got at Apple's event. 

I was going to try to pick out the highlights, but you should really just read the whole thing. It's great. Here's a small tidbit on the feel of the iPad Air 2:

The end result is a markedly improved iPad, just in terms of it being an object you hold in your hands. It really does feel like we’re getting close to just holding a piece of glass. It’s very thin, very light, and very comfortable to hold. The improved display is a noticeable improvement over all previous iPads. Retina iPhone displays have been laminated to the glass touch screen ever since the first retina model (the iPhone 4, back in 2010). It really does feel like the difference between pixels-under-glass and pixels-on-glass. Now the iPad Air 2 offers the same thing, and it’s gorgeous. Even better, the iPad Air 2 one-ups the iPhone 6, with an anti-reflective coating. It’s quite noticeable, and very welcome. On a dark screen, it’s the difference between being able to see a reflection of my own face on the display, and being able only to see a silhouette of myself. I hope and expect this anti-reflective coating to spread to next year’s new iPhones and iPad Mini.

Also don't miss the section on the performance of the A8X SoC. The performance of this new iPad is truly remarkable.