The Best Explanation of Gamergate I've Heard Yet

If you want to really understand Gamergate, the absolute best way to do it in my opinion is to listen to episode 9 of Virtual, Myke Hurley and Federico Viticci's video game podcast. I had read several articles about Gamergate, but still didn't fully understand it, the sequence of events and all the players — victims, really — involved. Federico did an amazing job of explaining it all, and then he and Myke had a great discussion. 

If you're not overly interested in video games, but just want to learn about Gamergate, you can jump in just past the 30-minute mark, but I'd recommend listening to the whole episode. 

Gamergate is a terrible situation, and it makes me both angry and sad. It's so disappointing that there are such disgusting human beings in this world. It's not just how they think that's totally backwards, but how they've acted on those thoughts and feelings that is truly disturbing.