Rogers and Shaw to Launch 'Shomi' On-Demand TV Service Today

Jane McEntegert, writing for MobileSyrup:

Announced last month as a Canada-only streaming service, Shomi is part of Rogers partnership with Shaw and will be available to Rogers and Shaw customers exclusively. The service offers on-demand access to more than 12,000 hours of content and is launching in beta. It will offer past season of popular TV shows in addition to movies from 20th Century Fox, ABC and Universal Pictures and more via tablets, smartphone, the web, and set top boxes.

I have really mixed feelings about this one. I don't think I'm a fan of my cable company charging my an additional $8.99 per month to watch shows that I've technically already paid for as part of my cable subscription, or might get for free as part of their on-demand offerings. The good news is that you only need to be an internet customer of a certain minimum tier, and not a cable customer to get it. And, they're offering it for 30 days free starting today. 

I'll check it out and let you know how it compares to Netflix. I'm guessing you'd be way better off just using Netflix with a VPN service to unlock the full Netflix library from around the globe.