Opt Out of Dropbox's Arbitration Clause

So, I haven't received the email yet, but some of you may have. I'm reading multiple recommendations around the web to opt out. Makes sense to me — read below. I just opted out. 

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From clutter:

No matter what they do (delete your data, privacy breach, overcharging, whatever), you don’t get to sue. Instead, THEY get to choose the arbitrator according to whatever criteria they want, and thus any dispute is decided by someone they’re paying.

Also, you can’t join a class-action suit against them. Which sounds like no big deal, but when a company takes advantage of a bunch of people all in the same small way (incorrectly assessing a service charge, for example), class action is how companies are made to clean up their act en masse, instead of waiting for thousands of people to call them up and demand their $20 back or whatever.

The actual link to opt out, here