Office For iPad Reviews Are Pretty Solid So Far


Microsoft has done nice work to create a touch-friendly and capable Office suite for the iPad. It’s a boon for Office 365 subscribers, and worth a look for nonsubscribers who use Office a lot.


…this new trio of apps (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) isn't at all what we expected. In fact, it's a lot better.

PC World

…kudos to the Office for iPad team. They’ve created a suite of “free” apps as good or better than anything Apple has created.


Make no mistake about it: These three apps are feature-rich, powerful tools for creating and editing Office documents. They look and act like their Office 2013 counterparts on Windows. And although these iPad apps obviously can’t replicate every feature of the full desktop programs, they deliver an impressive subset of those features. Anyone who was expecting Office Lite or a rehash of the underwhelming Office for iPhone will be pleasantly surprised.