Samsung plans "health" event a week before Apple's WWDC

Samsung is absolutely shameless. They're getting their asses sued off by Apple for copying the iPhone, so now they're trying a new, equally obvious approach: "let's try to anticipate what Apple is going to do, then try to beat them to the punch". I think this is evident in the Samsung Galaxy Gear watches, and now this "health" event. With all the rumours about an Apple iWatch and their upcoming Healthbook application, they look to be trying to get out in front of it. Maybe they just think they can't be sued or accused of copying if they're first.

The Loop:

The invitation says:

A new conversation about health is about to begin. Be there when it starts.

The event is planned for May 28th, 10:30 am, San Francisco.

I can only imagine that this is a defensive play in anticipation of Apple’s WWDC announcements. Think it’ll work? Think Samsung will take the wind out of Apple’s WWDC sails? Not a chance.