More on Sapphire Displays

So, after I commented the other day that I don't think Apple will probably not use sapphire for a full iPhone display this year—but probably in 2015—the speculation about what Apple just might be able to crank out of their new Arizona sapphire plant has continued to mount. I've read a couple of articles that seem convinced sapphire is coming to iPhone displays this year and then Vlad Savov on The Verge wrote this piece today. I enjoyed his comparison to how Apple did changed the way companies manufacture aluminum products.

The most immediate beneficiaries of Apple’s new sapphire production are likely to be existing applications like the iPhone’s camera lens and home button along with that long-rumored iWatch (should it ever materialize). Given the watch industry’s established practice of using sapphire screens to differentiate higher-end watches, Apple can probably be expected to feature the material heavily in any wearable it decides to release.