Looks Like Apple Will Announce Their Wearable Device on September 9th After All

Recode's John Paczkowski, the man who first broke the story of a September 9th iPhone 6 announcement, reported today that Apple will unveil their new wearable device alongside the new iPhones. He even references John Gruber's "joke"—and seems to insinuate that Gruber was only covering his ass by later calling it a joke on his podcast—about Apple's wearable being announced on September 9th. 

This makes sense. As Gruber points out in the aforementioned podcast, it's a better fit to announce the wearable device alongside the iPhones because, presumably, HealthKit in iOS 8 will be discussed again at the iPhone event, and pairing a wearable device with an iPhone is more logical than pairing it with an iPad. I tend to agree. But, I also think that like when Apple has previously announced new products entering new categories, a wearable device could take a few months to ship after it's unveiled. The original iPhone was released about 5 months after its reveal. The original iPad was about 2 months. New generations of existing devices are usually available for purchase within 10-14 days, but I doubt that will be the case for Apple's wearable.

I'm getting more and more excited for September 9th.