Look Daddy! Santa Gave Me an iWatch Raincheck

John Paczkowski, at Recode:

So that new wearable device Apple is introducing on September 9? It’s going to be a while before anyone is actually wearing it. Sources in position to know tell me it won’t arrive at market for a few months. “It’s not shipping anytime soon,” said one.

Yep. I agree. That's pretty much exactly what I said yesterday. Devices in new categories tend to be announced much further in advance than new generations of existing devices. And, since we haven't seen a single supply chain leak of the new "iWatch", then I can't believe it's anywhere near ready to ship.

John Gruber adds more thoughts on why a new device in a new category would be pre-announced:

If true, why? I’m guessing something similar to why they pre-announced the original iPhone — otherwise it would leak through regulatory filings with various governments around the world. Plus, they have no worries about the Osborne Effect with a new product category.