I Finally Came To My Senses and Took the Phone App Out of My iPhone's Dock

The move was probably way overdue, but since we still call these devices phones or smartphones, I was stubbornly keeping the phone app in my dock. The dock should really be reserved for your most used apps, since the 4 apps that fit in your iPhone's dock (possibly more if it's an Android) are visible and reachable on every home screen.

I finally spent a little time thinking about it and had to admit to myself that the phone app is not one of my top 4 used apps, and at least 50% of the times I use it I don't even need to open the app, because someone else is phoning me and I just have to answer. I also looked back through my call history and I talk on my phone no more than 5 times per day on average. I use my mail apps, iMessage and other messaging apps way more than that. 

Where do you keep your phone app?