iOS 8 Changed How I Work on My iPhone and iPad

I strongly suggest that you read Federico Viticci's iOS 8 review on MacStories:

iOS 8 is an incredibly democratic OS. Apple realized that a single company couldn't provide all the tools for modern consumer needs, and they've decided to put the ball in the developers' court. More than ever (and bugs aside), it feels like developers are building the iOS platform alongside Apple rather than competing with them. Three months into using iOS 8 every day, I sometimes forget that all these new features are now available to iOS users: many existing apps are having new beginnings, and adjusting expectations to new functionalities will take time.

I'm not even going to try to do an iOS 8 review. I too have been using it every day for three months, but there is no way I could write as comprehensive and informed a review as Federico has. I also suggest that MacStories is your go to site for all things iOS. He has been posting all kinds of app reviews today, as well. I'll continue to link to the ones I think most people will find interesting and useful.