Keith Olbermann Reminds Everyone That Jeter Isn't the Best Yankee Of All Time

As much as I really did enjoy watching Derek Jeter, and respect his game, Olbermann is 100% correct.

Jeter wasn't even the best player on his Yankees teams most years. Arguments could be made for A-Rod many years, Paul O'Neill (in the early days), and certainly Mariano Rivera. I actually feel that Rivera is way more of a no doubt first-ballot hall of famed than Jeter is. At the very least, it would be a good discussion. The Yankees' history is too rich to anoint Jeter the best of all time just because he's the one that's freshest in our collective memories. 

Don't watch this video and think that Keith Olbermann is shitting on Jeter. He's not. Okay, maybe a little bit at the end. But, mostly he's shitting on severely biased and myopic fans and media. It's not Jeter's fault that he's overhyped and gets too much credit. It's our fault. He was great. He's not that great anymore, but that's okay. Olbermann is just providing perspective, in the way that only Keith Olbermann can.